Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Blog Opportunity Right Now!

Good evening fellow bloggers!  I just signed up for a great giveaway opp.  This is for a Father's Day Fishing Package.  I try not to spend much on these because, well, I coupon because I can't afford not too.  If you understand...  Anyway...only $5 for 3 links.  1 Facebook, 1 Twitter, and one of your choice.  Pretty good deal considering this is going to be a huge thing!

The Main Hostess is going to be...
Featured on TLC Extreme Couponing on June 11th!!!  

Sign-ups will be going until June 1st... better hurry!  Only 20 spots left!

Sign-up Form

Just released Button:" target="_blank">" alt="" width="250" height="272" />

Don't forget to tell them Housewife Survival Guide sent you ;)

Goodnight... sweet blogging dreams!

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