Monday, July 09, 2012

UGLee Pen Review and Giveaway

What is that thing???  It's weird, it's ugly, and it's completely ergonomic!!!!  

When you first see the UGLee Pen, your first impressions will vary.  To kids, it is fun, new, and squishy.  To adults, it is interesting, super lightweight, and writes well.  So what is so amazing about this UGLee Pen?  

First, it weighs less than a 1/2 ounce.  That means less work for your hand. 
Second, it's unique shape hugs your hand so that you don't really have to "grip" the pen.  
Third, the soft, squishy grip removes the stress from your fingers and that writing callus.

The UGLee Pen was developed over eight years by a Dr. Lee who was looking for the first truly comfortable pen.  After a lot of failed and mislabeled "comfort pens", Dr. Lee studied everything about the make up of a pen, and that of the human hand, to come up with the UGLee Pen.

My thoughts on this pen are mixed.  I am an dork, so I love the strange look of it.  That doesn't turn me off at all.  The sparkle in the grip...that's a little too juvenile for me, though.  Since this came in a 3 pack, I gave one to each of my 2 bosses to get their take on it.

Boss #1 says the pen is very comfortable, but reactions from other people in an over 40 age group are "too youthful, gooey feeling isn't nice, and it's just a cheap looking pen."  Boss #1 also said he doesn't like the difficulty in pulling it in and out of his pocket.

Boss #2 says his pen stayed at work, but he did notice that it doesn't write well at an angle.  Also, if the UGLee Pen has been sitting for a little while, it doesn't want to write when you first pick it up.  

My feelings were all positive about this pen.  I love it's shape!  I am the kind of writer who presses very hard, so my hand begins to cramp after a few short minutes of writing.  The UGLee Pen's grip is so strange in that you can't squeeze it hard because it smooshes.  So I find I'm writing softer.  My penmanship (which usually looks like that of a serial killer) is a bit improved because of my softer grip.  Guess what....No Cramps Either! Pretty nifty pen if you ask me!

That said, you can order the pens in a 3 pack of your color choice for $19.95.  On the green side, you can replace the ink cartridge instead of the pens when they run out.

This could be a great gift for that student going off to college, or your favorite Dr.

And now...for the moment you've all been waiting for......

Giveaway for a 3 pack of UGLee Pens

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Latrice Ryan said...

All I can say is Teachers love pens! Especially kindergarten teachers! Looks nice and lightweight, I want to try!

Amy said...

I want to really see if this is the most comfortable pen! I'm left handed and most pens hurt after writing for a while!!

Beth said...

Hey! You won the Walking Dead giveaway on my blog. I emailed you the code for downloading the game. Just wanted to let you know since it may have gotten caught in your spam folder!

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