Friday, November 11, 2011

Toys R US deal you are sure to looooove

I was still in the dark ages or ShopRunner is kinda new and cool!  Either way, if you get a free 30 day trial membership, you can start using your member benefits of FREE 2 Day shipping and exclusive deals through their participating online stores/companies.  You do have to enter your billing information (CC number) to activate the trial, but I've already used this and it is amazing!

So the deal I've been raving about is a Toys R Us FREE Sleepover Set with Purchase.
The catch:  You must spend $50 in Disney Princess items to get this $25 Sleepover Set.
If you have little girls on your shopping list, then this is a STEAL!  My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been begging for a sleeping bag and mask like big sis has.  This set was ALREADY on my list.  

Also, The girls' TV/Activity trays were broken earlier this year and I've been looking for replacements.  Toys R Us had the exact ones we were looking for for only $10 ea! 
So that was $20 of the $50 needed to get the Sleepover Set.

Also on my list was an electronic/interactive toy for my 2 1/2 year old.  She wasn't interested in LeapFrog handheld toys for her age.  So she sat on my lap and picked what she wanted from Santa on Toys R Us.

And this was within budget for the interactive toy!  $29.99!!  Kids looove these sing along boomboxes like we did the old fashioned Fisher Price tape recorder ones!!

So the grand total was $.03 shy of the $50, so I threw on a package of Princess tattoos for stocking stuffer items.  Then add the Sleepover Set to the cart and it will be free!!  Select Shoprunner for your shipping and you will get FREE 2 Day Shipping!  My total was $56 for all of this!!!

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