Friday, June 22, 2012

Spice Things Up Anytime.... Sexy Costume Review

The Fun that is Costumes: being able to step into a role unlike your own...

From young to old, introverts to Type A's, dressing up as someone or something else is fun!  Also, you can work an adult costume party into anything, not just Halloween.  Your upcoming 4th of July party....make it a theme party and everyone dress up according to that theme.

The most fun time with costumes can even be in the bedroom!  TMI? costumes don't have to be just for teenagers at Halloween!  Just think what your husband will say/do when he comes into the bedroom to find you in this:
He will either be scared you are going to kick his a** or ready to pounce on you.  Either way, grab a sexy costume and spice things up a bit.  A little role-playing never hurt anyone...

The wonderful people over at Sexy Costume Discounters sent me this fun costume to try out: 

I definitely don't look that good in mine, but my husband was so excited to see me when he got home from work ;) I am in my Game Official costume:

             Sheesh...I'm such a dork! lol

The quality of this costume was far better than I expected!  The fabric was sturdy and slinky at the same time.  The zipper is strong enough to hold my girls in, too! LOL  What really amazed me was the quality of the socks!!!  Seriously, I was oohing and ahhing over the socks for a while.  They are soft, and cushiony like actual sport socks!  I didn't want to take them off!  

Head on over to look at all the fun, flirty women's costumes they have to offer.  Remember....dressing up can be an adventure any day of the year.

1 comment:

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

That is awesome! I am going to check them out bc we always get invited to adult only Halloween parties:)

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