Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to find lost money...

Yesterday was a bit of a depressing day for me, so I was a little out of sorts and busy feeling sorry for myself.  Welllll....don't handle important items or cash when in this frame of mind!  I paid the babysitter and he had to break a 20 and bring me back a 10. I was sitting at my desk and just sat the 10 right there between myself and the monitor. 

This morning, we wanted to go get some garden plants so I went to get the 10 and it was gone. We interrogated the kids, which led nowhere, searched the entire house, went through pockets, cleaned out my purse (yikes), and still no sign of the mysteriously disappeared 10. 
Guess who started feeling sorry for herself again? That's right...this pouty girl! So I turn to my husband and tell him "I don't feel right buying up a bunch of plants for the garden today when I just threw away $10!" Of course I was kinda pouting.  Until I had an Ah Ha moment:

Instead of finding that $10, let's find a different $10! (If only I had a picture of the facial expressions of my hubs and kids lol.) I explained that I had a $1 bill unaccounted for in my wallet and a handful of change. We had a lotto scratchy worth $2, and hubs said he had $1 in his wallet. The kids robbed change from my piggy bank and off the counter. Then I grabbed the change from the top of the dryer. In the end, we had $10.30.

Moral of the story....
After stressing and pouting, we all joined forces while having a fun spare change scavenger hunt, and found the $10. Sure, it wasn't the same $10, but it eased the mood and now when/if we find the it, we will come out ahead :) Don't sweat the small stuff....enjoy your family and have fun!

P.S. We got a lot of tomatoes planted today :)

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