Monday, April 02, 2012

Never leave home without your coupons...

For all of us couponing divas out there (and you couponing guys too), we sure do go through a lot of time and effort to save money.  Not to mention the potential blisters from clipping coupons all Sunday.  Some of us work outside the home, so we are sacrificing precious time off to do this.  Our efforts can be appreciated by our S.O.'s or completely overlooked.  Either way, we are dedicated!

That being said.....don't EVER leave home without your coupons!  Sure you're going to take them with you when you know you are going to the store, but what about all those mid-week quick stops to grab meat for dinner or eggs or milk.  Let me just tell you....those small trips add up and can wreck your grocery budget!  Who actually goes into the store and picks up those one or two items only?  We end up grabbing a couple extra items as well, right?  Well....keep your coupons in your purse, car, or by your door at all times!

Save yourself buyer's remorse and keep your savings in your pocket.  Why do we work so hard only to wreck our savings on convenience?  Think about it ;)

Have a Great Monday!!!

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